My Value Add

Think a VA is too expensive?  Think again:

I do not require fringe benefits.  No need to pay for my health insurance, no employer wage deductions, no vacation pay.  I take care of my own overhead costs!  Don't let your personnel budget suffocate your margin for growth!

Our schedules don't have to coordinate.  Simply send me the work you need done with a deadline and forget about the rest.

You pay for the hours I actually work... you don't have to worry about keeping me busy, my coffee breaks, or me chatting with your employees during work hours.  I use time-tracking apps and software to be sure you're only billed for the time I work.

I already have my own office.  There's no need to purchase me a computer, an office chair, a phone a desk, or any other hardware or software.  You don't need to carve out space for me at your office.  Just rest assured that I've already provided myself everything I need to be of assistance to you.

You don't need to train me, pay a recruitment firm to find me, or have HR write up a job description and dig through hundreds of applicants to hire me.  I am already proficient with the latest technology and am available without a hiring fee or any HR paperwork.  If I am unfamiliar with your product or software, I will train myself.

Commuting is never a problem for me.  No weather can stop me from doing my job for you, and no traffic can make me late to the office.

The best part?  I am a REAL person... I am unique, creative, detailed, and innovative.  I am here to help your business thrive and am available anytime to bounce ideas off of.  Fill out the form at the right of this page to see how I can help you.