Resume and Work History

Virtual Assistant Experience
Draft, edit, and create email marketing campaigns.  Manage Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles for several Small Businesses.  Write articles, create and manage content, review documents, maintain databases, and transcribe contracts.  Create print-marketing using InDesign.

Executive Assistant and Office Manager - 2010 to 2014
Support Operational Executive, CFO and Sales Staff. Manage schedules, handle incoming calls and emails, interface with clients, prepare and edit documents and website material, keep meeting minutes and generate detailed protocols. Assist in project oversight and management. Handle office budget and client billings. Process paperwork (i.e. expense reports, time cards, work orders), and begin the billing process for all work orders, inspections, and purchase orders/expenses. Create reports, present findings, and run weekly budget and operational meetings. Maintain fleet vehicle registration, titling, and GPS tracking. Control a detailed inventory system. Regulate all purchasing, shipping, and receiving.  

Purchasing Agent - 2010 to 2014
Process purchase orders for multiple vendors.  Verify pricing and negotiate competitive prices where applicable.  Track, receive, and commit all purchases or troubleshoot missing or backordered items where required.  Maintain detailed inventory and stock items per necessity.

Researcher - 2009 to 2010
Wrote and edited grant documents, articles, theses, and journal submissions.  Researched material online for support and source documentation. Lead large scale physiologic experiments. Analyzed and interpreted results, combined data into easy to read papers and power point presentations. Presented results to team members and other scientists. Traveled to offsite lab weekly to inspect conditions and attend meetings and training sessions.

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